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Mr. Kasthuri Rangan M N, can be described as a man with tremendous mental strength at display till this very day in his life. Born in an orthodox Mandyam family, had his education at the illustrious Hindu High School in Triplicane, Chennai, india. He attended his college at Vivekananda College in Chennai before starting  his work life spread across 25 years in Governmental organisations like Entice ( National textile corporation) and large private organisations such as Shriram Group of Companies. Since 1992, started his own label called Chakkrika Audios in front of Sri Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane, which was well known for bringing Upanishads and Tamil holy scriptures to the reach of common man. Since 1994, he has been having a health issues including a by pass surgery. An avid traveller & a connoisseur of arts , his movements got severely restricted when he suffered a complete paralysis on the left side which made him dependent on others for his movements. Despite, this he remains a man who wants to give back something to society and wishes people to understand their role in society and not be self centered. When he started this initiative he was aware that he does not have any credentials of repute . He said’ for doing good work a great CV is not essential but a good heart is a MUST’.

Mrs. Geetha M N, is the caring mom, and ever-helpful wife that all of us come across in our own lives. Born along with 4 other siblings  to Mr. and Mrs. M T Srinivasan, she adapted to the new realities of married life in Chennai. She never let her lack of education come in the way of helping her husband make ends meet and in assuring a good education of her only child. She embodies the selflessness abundantly evident across most Indian woman. When asked why this charity she said ‘Me and my husband, felt that the money procured from selling recording of holy scriptures should only be used for a purpose as divine.