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How are beneficiaries identified?

Beneficiaries are first identified by references or by them coming forward to fill in applications in Swadha Foundation’s drive to solicit applications.

Is there a selection process in place ?

Two processes are in place, one for students seeking to enroll in 11th grade or 12th grade  and  another for the ones who enroll later.

The objective of this process is to find the most deserving applicants.

For this, the application forms are initially screened through an algorithm derived from a combination of academic score, family income, family educational trend setter status, age of parents & no of people who will be impacted by applicants success etc. Post this screening, the candidates are taken through an entrance exam.

Successful candidates are interviewed by a panel before recommendation for enrollment. Post this screening, information verification checks are done by an independent body & on receipt of a positive report the funds are disbursed and student formally enrolled.

What is the scope of assistance?

Scope of assistance of this Program includes family or student stipend to enable unhindered education to beneficiary, special education costs such as IT, entrance exam related training, tuition fees and cost of books.

How do I know whether the end purpose is met?

  • All the grants/scholarships/stipends are distributed through cheques/DDs or Electronic Clearing System based payments to the bank accounts of the beneficiary
  • In case of education fees they are directly paid to the college/school
  • No CASH transactions are entertained

How is the beneficiary guided?

Each beneficiary has a mentor to guide him in making informed judgment and choices during education. The mentors will constantly motivate and counsel the beneficiary, line up choices of education and ensure that he would complete his education smoothly

Once the grant is given, what is the role of Swadha Foundation ?

  • Each beneficiary has to maintain levels of performance to continue in this program
  • All scholarships/ grants/ stipends are reviewed on an annual basis based on performance

Is Swadha Foundation focused on upliftment of a particular section of society?

The programs are not directed towards specific castes/ sects/ religion but the world at large

Who can become a mentor?

Anyone who is a graduate & with the heart in the right place is eligible to become a mentor. A mentor is required to know at least one Indian language, which is Telugu or Kannada besides English to interact with these students who in all likelihood are more comfortable with the mother tongue.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

He/she is required to help the kid like a brother/father/mother/sister. It is expected that in this formative years such students need constant guidance and motivation, we expect the mentors to fill this void. More details about this can be found in the Role of Mentor of part of this website.

Who & how can one donate to the cause?

A potential donor needs to be a resident individual or have a business in India. Donations to be made in Indian rupees through bank transfer or cheque in favor of Swadha  Foundation. Details of bank account can be seen in the Donate section of this website.

What are the responsibilities to the donor from Swadha Foundation?

The responsibility of Swadha Foundation is to show transparency in its functioning by informing every donor as to how their donation is being utilized. The second responsibility, is to make sure that the maximum amount of every donation reaches the cause.

A detailed privacy statement page describes how we use the information provided on this website.