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The bright should shine

These words resonate the purpose of Program Kasthuri. Through this Program, Swadha Foundation proposes to reach out to the bright underprivileged children who are constrained by economic reasons and are unable to pursue Higher Education.

The beneficiaries would begin their journey in Program Kasthuri beyond 11th standard or Pre College and their education & personality development needs funded and enabled by Swadha Foundation. While extending a helping hand, the foundation would create role models for other unprivileged to emulate. In addition, the Program objective is to

  • Encourage parents to send their children to higher schools, colleges and pursue education.
  • Encourage academically good students to maintain the levels of performance
  • Offer the under privileged students access to opportunities and information that help in making better choices
  • Help in getting the families of the beneficiaries out of poverty
  • Provide opportunities to well minded people to contribute to society beyond just money.

In this section, we explain more of the program and its various facets and also inspiring stories of some of its beneficiaries .