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While running this program, Swadha Foundation has come across several inspirational stories. These stories really give us confidence that Program Kasthuri is addressing the right problem. They motivate us to expand the reach of the program and encourage us to strive for better results.

 In addition to not having access to funds to pursue education, many of our beneficiaries are thrust with family conditions, which put their quest to education at great risk. For example, we have a few beneficiaries with a misfortune of not having seen their parents ever. Two of our beneficiaries, have siblings needing constant medical attention. Of the rest, more than 40% of having only one earning parent alive.

 Despite this, all our beneficiaries are the first ones in their families to have come this far in their education and it is amazing to find how such testing conditions shape such young minds into stronger individuals.

We have chronicled a few such stories of students whom we have helped or in the process of helping for your reference.