A girl being the eldest among 4 children with a family income of Rs. 40000 (Approximately 643 US$), can easily  get submerged under the responsibility thrust upon  by the taboos of rural Indian society. Nagalakshmi is a rare exception to the rule, this calm and conservative Indian teenager is determined to make a difference to her family.

Having stood first in school after scoring 93% in 10th standard which included 100%  in Hindi & Telugu  at least 90% in the rest of subjects. She wants to become an engineer or a mathematics professor.  Equally encouraging is the unique importance that the family gives to her education  by sending her far away to the district headquarters(Anantapur) to study.

Her underlying courage and performance across  all our screening & in studies make us believe that  she would make every one proud if given the right opportunity and guidance.


Nandini a class XI student from Sri Sathya Sai Junior College hails from Anantapur Town in Andhra Pradesh. She & her mom exemplify the determination which sets them up for a brigher future. Receiving no support from her dad due to his chronic alchoholism, Nandini & her mom set up a mobile ironing cart which services over 100 households in their neighborhood. The money from this business helps them make their ends meet.

If one believed that this affected Nandini’s educational pursuits then we got it wrong, she secured 90% in her 10th standard exams and is determined to become a doctor or a research scientist who would find cures for major deseases. An early raiser at 5AM, Nandini makes sure that she helps her mom in the kitchen before setting out to her college.

This determination & early understanding of responsibility deserves nurturing. Swadha Foundation will support such deserving candidates who will surely make an impact on their community and be trend setters for several young girls to pursue education.