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All applications would be scored against a set of rules and the scores would be published for every applicant.

The decision for enrollment of a prospective candidate into Program Kasthuri would be dependent on the following criteria:


Criterion No. Criterions Weightage  on scores
1 – Family need score Economic condition & resultant impact of enrollment this would include:

  • Current annual family income.
  • No. of people (family) who would be directly benefited by this candidate being enrolled.
  • Age of the other bread winners of the family
  • Distance travelled to school/college demonstrating interest in studies
  • Special condition in family such as parents being handicapped,  applicant being an orphan or having only one parent alive.
2A – Academic excellence score Academic track record

  • Average academic scores 3 years preceding enrollment (including at least one public exam score) (20% of overall score)
2B – Academic excellence scrutiny
  • Our own Entrance examination scores for 11th or 1st year pre university students
  • Or academic interview for all kids beyond 11th standard or 1st year pre university students
3 – Personal Interview score Display of personal & family resilience through an interview

  • Impediments faced to continue education & how they have been overcome
  • Ambitions in life
  • Any recognition received from any entity in the past
  • Views of Parents/ immediate family members on education.
  • Atmosphere created to facilitate education in the family

The objective components namely points 1, 2A & 2B of the selection criterion would be driven by a scoring model to make the process more transparent and free of any kind of bias. The score on the Personal Resilience part of the evaluation criterion would be done by set of 3 personal evaluators after a personal interview with applicant & his family individually.

The actual weightage for each of the sub criterion mentioned above will be determined annually by Swadha Foundation & kept confidential.