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Our program is described in the following points,

  • Offer the best of opportunities for under privileged students who stand out in academics from corporation/district/village schools and help them to make a difference to their families, societies, areas/villages/towns
  • Own their education & personality development beyond the stage(s) till graduation/ employment
  • Offer constant career guidance for beneficiaries
  • Incentivise families/students (IF REQUIRED)
    • To invest in education of these children with monthly stipends
    • Offer monthly stipends to children  for day to day living


How do we achieve our mission?


  • Each beneficiary gets a mentor to guide him/her in making informed judgments and choices during their education
  • Mentors responsibilities include:
    • Constantly motivate and counsel the beneficiary
    • Line up choices of education that would help in securing the future of the beneficiary
    • Removal of any impediments to the education of the beneficiary
  • Our grants are based on performance! Each beneficiary has to maintain levels of performance to continue in this program. All scholarships/ grants/ stipends are reviewed on an annual basis based on performance


  • All the grants/scholarships/stipends are distributed through cheques/DDs or Electronic Clearing System based payments
  • In case of education fees they are directly paid to the college/school
  • No CASH transactions to the beneficiary are entertained
  • Discrete surprise checks on beneficiaries, their parents & Schools/colleges by Mentors/Swadha Foundation ensure constant review.