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frequently asked questions

Is Swadha Foundation focused on upliftment of a particular section of society?

Our activities  are not directed towards specific castes/ sects/ religion but open to any candidate meeting the required criteria in a specific district.

Are donor details kept confidential?

All information pertaining to the donor is kept strictly confidential by Swadha . It is disclosed only to tax authorities while filing of Swadha’s annual returns.  In case, of donations received from non-Indian citizens, it is mandated under the FCRA regulations to update the authorities with the identity of the donor & file the information every quarter on the FCRA portal. The FCRA filings are also displayed on the Foundation’s website.

Who & how can one donate to the cause?

Anyone can donate to Swadha Foundation. If the donor is not an Indian citizen, they have to give their passport copy to the foundation after they offer the donation. Donors can donate in two ways-

  • By clicking on the donate button on the website and paying with their credit card or internet banking credentials
  • By transferring the amount into the designated bank accounts mentioned in the ‘donate now’ page of the website.

How does Swadha acknowledge the receipt of a donation?

Each & every donation received by the Foundation is acknowledged with a receipt issued in the donor’s name and provided as both soft & hard copies.

What are the responsibilities of Swadha Foundation towards the donor?

The first responsibility of Swadha Foundation is to show transparency in its functioning by informing every donor as to how their donation is being utilized. The second is to make sure that maximum percentage of every donation reaches the ultimate cause.

How does Swadha ensure that the benefits are not misused?

Swadha’s benefits are mostly directly transferred into the accounts of the beneficiary or their educational instituitions.

Do Indian donors receive any tax benefit by donating for Swadha?

Yes, every Indian donor donating funds to Swadha receives a tax benefit of being able to claim 50% of the donation to be deducted from their income under the benefits of 80(g) of Income tax act.

Can foreign donors receive tax breaks?

If the donations are coming from an American donor, it can routed through the partner organisation of Volunteers in Service of Education in India (VSEI). They allow claims under 501 (c) 3 benefits.

Is there any minimum donation that Swadha’ accepts?

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How does Swadha classify its expenses ?

The expenses of Swadha Foundation are tracked under four heads namely:

  • Student sustenance – All expenses incurred towards the livelihood or sustenance of the student in the Kasthuri Program
  • Student selection – All expenses incurred towards selection of students for the Program
  • Student enhancement – All expenses incurred towards enhancement of the abilities of the beneficiaries .
  • Admin – All expenses required for running the program.

How can a donor participate in the activities?

In addition to offering money, a donor can participate in the following ways,

  1. Participate in the selection activities by volunteering to invigilate for the exams or apply to be part of a panel of judges in the interview
  2. Mentor a student
  3. Offer their expertise for improving efficiency & effectiveness of the organisation.

How does Swadha keeps it donor informed of activities ?

The donors are kept informed in the following ways.

  1. By way of a bi-annual Donor calls where updates are provided.
  2. Annual reports detail activities and financials which are shared with donors individually and are also available in the website to download.

Can a donor visit Swadha’ operations ?

We encourage each and every donor to visit our operations, observe the work done and provide valuable feedback. The visits can be scheduled by clicking on the ‘write to us’ section of the website & filling the form under ‘For anything else’. Alternately, for scheduling a visit, donors can also write to any person they know in Swadha.

Can a donor offer a donation in kind?

Yes, it is possible for a donor to offer donations in kind. Please write to us if you wish to do the same. Swadha would account the value of a donation as per law & issue acknowledgement accordingly.

Is there any minimum donation that Swadha’ accepts?

No, there is no such restriction. We salute every heart that donates to our cause.

Is Swadha’ accounts open for scrutiny?

Swadha publishes all its audited accounts on its website. In addition, any of the donors could seek details on specific aspects and those would be provided to them individually.

Can a donor provide feedback ?

Off course, we welcome & value all feedback. Feedback could be provided by filling a form on the website under ‘write to us’ & filling the form ‘For anything else’. Donors can also write to us or talk to any of their acquaintances in Swadha Foundation. We assure you that each and every feedback received by us will be assessed & acted upon based on its merit.

Scholarship Details

What is Swadha Foundation Scholarship?

Swadha foundation will reimburse the following expenses to the selected students till the completion of their graduation:

(a) Students education expenses like admission fees, tuition fees, cost of books, bus fare and uniforms.

(b) Students sustenance fees like living expenses (Rs.1000 for day-scholars) and hostel fees for hostel students.

(c) Swadha foundation will conduct a bridge course, coaching to prepare for competitive exams and skill development for students to be employment-ready. It is mandatory for all beneficiary students to attend these courses. All expenses related to these will be taken up by the foundation.

I am getting a government scholarship, Am I eligible for Swadha Scholarship?

Yes, you are eligible for Swadha Scholarship. You should declare receiving any government reimbursement so that you don’t get paid twice for the same.

In case of receiving any reimbursement, Swadha reserves the right to adjust it against any other payouts such as stipend or hostel fees.

Can I apply for other scholarship/sponsorship after I get selected in Swadha?

It may not be necessary as Swadha will meet all the financial needs required for continuing your education till completion of your graduation.

Do you pay any benefits by cash?

No Swadha does not pay any benefits by cash.


How do I apply for scholarship?

Currently you can apply for a scholarship only through your college.

For what reasons can my application to Swadha Foundation be rejected?

Your application would be rejected by Swadha in case of:

  1. Students pursuing vocational course/correspondence education/certificate or training courses.
  2. Students not submitting the filled applications with the relevant documents and not forwarded by Head Master/Principal of the institute, school and colleges
  3. All mandatory information (which is marked with Star superscript) that is not filled may lead to rejection of your application.
  4. Any information provided that is found to be untrue.
  5. Application form not filled in English.

Do I need to submit original certificates to Swadha?

NO ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE is required to be furnished along with the application. Please refer to the last page of the application form for more details.

Are any additional benefits given to students from reserved categories?

No additional benefits are given. All selected students get the same scholarship irrespective of caste/religion.

How many times does Swadha select students in a year?

Swadha selects the students once a year from its chosen districts of operation.

Are vocational program students eligible for applying to Swadha scholarships?

No. The current program does not support vocational education.

How many members in a family can apply?

There are no restrictions but only one member of the family is eligible for our scholarship.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

  1. Students currently studying in Government schools/ Government Colleges/ Government aided colleges in 1st PUC / 1st Intermediate of any medium of instruction in the Science or Commerce streams are eligible.
  2. Students from all religions & communities are eligible
  3. Scholarship will be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 80% of marks or equivalent grade in 10th Board/CBSE/ISC examination.
  4. Annual income of the student’s Parents/Guardians from all sources should not exceed Rs. 1.5 Lakh. When you are filling the income data kindly make sure that all forms such as salary income, agricultural income, from both parents is included.

What are the documents I need to submit along with my application for Swadha scholarship?

The following documents are required:

  1. Copies of the 10th Board exam marks sheet and 1st PU exam sheets
  2. Copies of any other certificates of achievement
  3. Latest passport size photo of the student
  4. Copy of the latest Income certificate (not more than 6 months old) – Any income certificate from current employer of student’s parents or competent authority/Tahasildar of revenue department.

Please refer to the last page of the application form for more details

Do I need to produce religion/caste certificate?

NO COMMUNITY certificates are required to be furnished along with application. Please refer to the last page of the application form for more details.

What action will you take if any information given by me during the selection process is not correct?

If you don’t provide truthful information, your application could be rejected at any time.

Do I need to have a bank account before applying to Swadha?

Yes, a bank account is required to receive any of the benefits from Swadha Foundation.

I am studying in non-English medium school; Can I apply for Swadha scholarship?

Yes, you can apply even if you are studying in a non-English medium school.


What is the selection process?

Selection of students is based on the following three steps.

1) Entrance Exam
2) Interview
3) House verification

All filled applications received through institutes /colleges/ schools are scrutinized for completeness and based on the marks, economic condition and any special family conditions, the eligible students are invited for an entrance exam. The entrance exams are conducted in the district head-quarters.

The entrance exam is based on the 10th board syllabus. There are two exams of 45 minutes duration. The first is Mathematics and the second is on Science. Commerce students have to appear only for the Mathematics exam.

Based on test scores, the top 25% of students are called for an interview. The interview is conducted by a panel of senior experts who can speak both English as well local languages. The students can answer either in English or the local language.

Based on the academic performance, economic status of the family, the performance in the entrance test and the interview, the successful students are selected for scholarship.

A field officer then visits the homes of the selected students to verify all data furnished in the application and assess the economic condition of parents /guardians. If any information furnished in the application is found to be false, the students’ candidature may be rejected.

The principals and students are then intimated about the final list of beneficiary students.

How do I prepare for entrance exam?

The entrance exam is based on the 10th board syllabus. There are two exams of 45 minutes duration. The first is Mathematics and the second is Science. Commerce/Arts students have to take only the Mathematics exam. Aspiring students can prepare accordingly.

Are there any additional benefits or priority given to any particular religion or caste?

Swadha Foundation does not discriminate in any way. If you clear the selection process and your family income is within the stipulated range, you will be selected.

If I have not got selected this year, can I re-appear next year?

Yes, you can reappear by contacting Swadha Foundation officials . However, applications will be accepted only in 12th (2nd Pre University / 2nd Intermediate).

What commitment do parents /guardian need to give to Swadha?

Your parents are expected to be fully supportive of your continued education. For parents of girls it is mandatory that they don’t pressurize you to get married during your tenure at this program.  Parents are expected to also report any developments with regard to your health or any information pertaining to your education that could impact the successful completion of your graduation or your securing a job.

How will I be informed about my selection for test /interview?

An SMS is sent to the primary mobile number as well as to the principal of the college.

Can I write/reply in local language in entrance exam/interview?

Yes, you can write or respond in your local language.

Do I need to shift to any other school / college outside of my home town or village?

Students can continue in the same college/school till they complete their intermediate or Pre university(PU). Post this they need to come to the district headquarters for graduate studies. Accommodation would be funded by Swadha Foundation.

What should you do once you are informed of your selection for the program?

  • Open a bank account in your name & send a copy of the bank pass book (photocopy of the 1st page with account number, bank name and branch address, and IFSC code)
  • Students and parents need to sign an undertaking with Swadha Foundation which broadly describes expectations and do’s-and-don’ts for the students and the termination clauses.

Termination of Scholarship

What happens if I fail in college /university /board exam?

If students fail in their exams, their continuance in the program is reviewed. The following rules govern the decision:

  1. If they fail in 1st or 2nd year intermediate exams, they are immediately removed from the program.
  2. If they are in graduation, they are allowed to have a maximum of 1 arrear across the duration of the graduation course. During this time, no financial emoluments given to them are stopped. However, they would be suspended from the program & would not be allowed to attend any of the tertiary classes. They would also not be nominated for any summer training or internship. They could be considered for re-entry if they clear all their arrears.
  3. If they fail in 2 subjects across the duration of graduation, all stipends or hostel fees are reduced by 50%. They would be suspended from the program & not be allowed to attend any of the tertiary classes. They would also not be nominated for any summer training or internship. They could be considered for re-entry if they clear all their arrears.
  4. If they fail in 3 subjects or more across the duration of graduation, all financial emoluments are immediately discontinued & they are immediately suspended. They would not be allowed to attend any of the tertiary classes. They would also not be nominated for any summer training or internship. They could be considered for re-entry if they clear all their arrears.

IF I am removed from scholarship in any particular year due to academic performance, how can I come back for further years?

Students are considered for re-entry if they clear all their arrears (backlog papers).

Do you mandate me to study any particular course?

After intermediate, Swadha Foundation recommends courses for graduation for students based on their performance & interests. The career counselling from Swadha is based on facts & is purely data driven.  These recommendations are discussed with the student and their families. The final decision to choose a course will be left to the student & the parents.

Will you continue your support support if I switch college/course/take a break?

No Swadha Foundation does not support any of these unless there are unavoidable reasons.

Does Swadha gives any certificate or degree? Is it recognized?

No. Swadha does not give any certificate or degree to its students. It offers only tertiary training. Hence no recognition is required.

Can I work part time while studying?

A student can work during his tenure in the Swadha Foundation program as long as his/her academic performance is not affected and they meet the minimal attendance requirements of the tertiary classes conducted by Swadha.

Are there any other reasons for which I could be removed from the program?

  • Your attendance for all the special educational skill development classes conducted by Swadha Foundation is compulsory. Any attendance below 90% without valid reasons and prior approval might warrant further action by the foundation.
  • If Swadha foundation recommends you to stay in a hostel or PG accommodation to pursue your graduation or any internships programs at any location, you are expected to accept the same and relocate. Nonadherence to this rule will warrant action.
  • You should be willing to travel on education tours or student exchange programs suggested by Swadha foundation to enhance your education and your career opportunities. Nonadherence to this rule will warrant action.
  • You should focus and make a sincere attempt at completing graduation & skilling without pursuing any activities that take time away from your commitments. Nonadherence to this rule will warrant action.
  • You should be willing to listen to advice from Swadha Foundation, your mentors and your parents who finally decide on a course that offers the best chance of achieving your educational and career related goals. Disregarding the advice of Swadha without valid reasons might also warrant disciplinary action.
  • Swadha Foundation expects you to attend classes regularly in your school/college and also to write the tests and complete the assignments given in each subject during the academic year. Attendance requirements of 90% for every subject must be fulfilled by every student. You need to inform the Swadha foundation in case if you are not attending classes for a prolonged period. Nonadherence to this rule could attract disciplinary action.
  • You must always maintain the decorum and discipline befitting a Swadha Foundation student.
  • Posting information about the peers, staff and institution in cyber/electronic media/social networking sites will be dealt with severely.

If I get married during the course of education, do you support continuing scholarship for my study?

No. We would not support a student if he/she is getting married while pursuing education or during the course of their participation in the program.

Do you mandate me to study in any particular college?

Based on the choice of the courses selected, recommendations would be given to the student. However, the choice of joining a particular college rests with the student and the families. It should be noted that the student will be mandated to join in a particular city & in most of the cases it would be the district headquarters. This is to facilitate them in attending the tertiary courses that are mandated for the students at Swadha study centers.

Students will generally be advised to join one of the reputed institutions in the district where they reside.

Which are the graduation programs Swadha supports?

There are no restrictions on the graduation programs we support . However, we would encourage you to take up programs that are available in your district headquarters, other than for exceptional reasons.

Do you give scholarship if I pursue graduation through distance education / online program?

No distance or online education programs are not supported currently in our program.

What can one volunteer for?

One can volunteer for any of the options given below:

  • You can offer your professional expertise for enhancing the effectiveness of Swadha’s operations.
  • You can be a mentor to the students and make a difference to their lives.
  • You can take classes on a topic assigned to you, at your convenience, from where ever you are.

What is mentorship?

We define mentorship as an act of guiding students constantly on a variety of subjects that will have a vital impact on their educational and professional lives.

Who can become a mentor?

Anyone who is a graduate and has a heart in the right place is eligible to become a mentor. He/she is required to know at least one language among Telugu or Kannada apart from English to interact with students who, in all likelihood, are more comfortable communicating in the mother tongue.

How is the beneficiary guided?

Each beneficiary has a mentor to guide him/her in making informed judgments and choices during education. The mentors will continually motivate and counsel the beneficiary, line up choices of education and ensure that he/she completes the education smoothly.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

He/she is required to help the child like a brother/father/mother/sister. The mentors are expected to provide continued guidance and motivation to the children during their formative years. The mentors interested in guiding students can fill up the form on the website.