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About Us

The journey of Swadha Foundation began with the musical venture Chakkirika, owned by Mr. M N Kasthuri Rangan and Mrs. M N Geetha in the year 1992. Swadha Foundation was formed in year 2010, from the sale proceeds of Chakkirika. Their vision unfolded and crystallized into a charity for higher education.

To be a catalyst for facilitating and radically improving access for higher
education to the under priviliged.

Swadha Foundation’s endeavor is to transform the lives of under privileged children & youngsters by providing them access to education in partnership with various players in our eco system. We do this through professionally managed, result oriented programs to promote equality of access for deserving youngsters, the girl child, differently-abled persons and the first to be educated in a family. We help create responsible future citizens who are caring, competent & confident in society by lifting them out of the cycle of poverty and ignorance.

Swadha Foundation is guided by the cornerstone principles of transparency, non-discrimination, spirit of continuous evolution and democratic functioning in executing its mission. In the initial phase, Swadha Foundation seeks to reach out the needy, with specific emphasis on Higher Education by launching Program Kasthuri. In a nation where children are aften forced to become breadwinners, the ambitious ones have no choice but to sacrifice their education to meet their immediate economic needs. . The future, which could be secured by education, is lost to the requirements of today!


Swadha Foundation is in need of liberal donations in order to fund its aggressive plans. Online Donation You can donate online through our online payment gateway


Swadha Foundation welcomes help of any kind from anywhere, it is not necessary that a person should just give us donations. He/ She can offer their services and skills for use either on the ground or from any part of the world.