What We Do

Student from all strata have a right to education and opportunities. Today these are robbed for no reason of theirs. Swadha’s aim is to create an atmosphere to provide such access by running a focussed, result based initiative to ensure we create rural champions. These are not champions or sport but of education & that one which takes families out of poverty. We take one bright student in a family and use their grit & determination to take families out of poverty.

The selection of students is a multi-pronged, bias-free process. It starts with identifying promising students from impoverished and vulnerable rural families eager for an education.


  • Step 1 – Identification of local Government run or aided colleges where these students are likely to be found are visited by Swadha Foundation. We inform and educate prospective students about our willingness to support deserving students in their education
  • Step 2 – Students scoring more than 80% in their 10th-grade board exams and who belong to families with a household income of lower than 1.5 lakhs annually are eligible
  • Step 3 – Qualifying students are then invited to take an entrance exam. Students who pass the entrance exam need to attend a personality interview. The purpose of the interviews is to gauge the eagerness and tenacity of the student and their families to pursue education in spite of the hurdles
  • Step 4 – Assessment of living conditions: Our team visits the homes of shortlisted students to evaluate their living conditions and economic status. Students that satisfy all the selection criteria are enrolled in the Kasthuri program.
  • Step 5 – Swadha Foundation also provides beneficiary students of the Kasturi program with monthly stipends directly credited into their bank accounts. Their hostel or paying guest accommodation is also paid for the duration of their studies.
  • This helps our students continue an unhindered education.
  • The burden on the families of our students is lessened
  • Our students are able to pursue higher education without worrying about necessities.

Swadha Foundation lends financial support to its beneficiaries starting with 11th std, right up to the completion of graduation.  Our efforts have generated some stunning results where 

  • 350+ students have pursued graduation
  • Many of our student beneficiaries come from villages and very small towns and  are first-time graduates in their families
  • Our financial support towards educating rural girls helps us prevent their early marriages by making them self sufficient
  • Swadha works with more than 200 junior colleges  where the poor study 
  • In 2022 45% of Swadha students got admissions to professional courses
  • We are proud to say one of our students also secured admission to a bachelor’s degree in  Medicine      
Key to the success of our mission lies in our ability to help the overall development of our student beneficiaries beyond just a college education.
Swadha Foundation helps all its students with the additional skill-enhancement opportunities

  • Improving computing skills
  • Helping them gain English language proficiency and soft skills
  • Hands-on industry internship during their graduation years.
  • Offering mentoring support and continued guidance to our students to help them overcome obstacles and problems

Our goal is that every beneficiary student of the Kasturi program should develop into a skilled and confident individual ready to compete with the world outside by the time they graduate

We at Swadha Foundation understand that the success of our mission is not fully accomplished till our students find suitable well-paying employment. Therefore we do all in our power, and with the help of our extended Swadha Family (our generous donors, mentors and supporters) to ensure our students get a fair chance at employment. Our results so far are very encouraging.