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Code with ur heart(CWH) project!

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    Swadha Foundation wholistically helps rural poor students who excel in their studies  and transform their lives using education & skilling.

    This  project by Swadha Foundation is designed to find  programmers with a heart in the right place. You would be using your expertise in Angular (HTML,CSS,JS/Typescript), Java & SQL server knowledge to build a few modules of a mobile web app named ‘Spashtam’ to be used for a social cause.

    With Spashtam, we hope to make our operation more transparent to Donors, Mentors, Staff & Students.

    Information below gives more details the tasks at hand. 

    If you feel that you should offer help in this project then please fill the form & let us know. If you have a resume that would be an added benefit for us . We would get back to you post scrutiny.

    Spashtam is a mobile web solution designed for social use by Swadha Foundation to make sure it runs a clear, responsive and transparent operations for its various stake holders.

    • This will be hosted on a public cloud provider & would be gradually enhanced for functionality.
    • It is Device(mobile/tab/desktop) responsive application with different access privilege to different user roles.
    • System will be used by at least by 10 different user roles having different access privileges.
    • To promote responsiveness & safe gaurds, multi-level authorization of user actions basis defined workflows for various events.

    We are currently looking for coders to work on Phase 1 requirements of this solution as listed below,

    • User and role maintenance (online & bulk maintenance) – Admin activity
    • Workflow definition – Admin activity
    • Student registration (online & bulk) – All user roles including students.
    • Student academic maintenance – All user roles including students
    • Reference value maintenance – Admin activity
    • Student attendance management
    • Dashboards to search, enquire, workflows completion
    • Online reports which can be downloaded in xls for all the modules

    In subsequent phases more modules will be developed on the same platform which are not in current scope

    • Frontend is expected to be responsive in nature built using HTML, CSS and JS.
    • Development team can choose design patterns but architecture wise backend should be layered (API, application, domain, infrastructure) for ease of maintainability
    • Backend should be developed based on SOA so that each service can be exposed as API for 3rd party integration in addition to being invoked by applications frontend.
    • Services should be comprehensive in nature and aligned towards functional ask, it should not be designed as pure CRUD operation
    • All communications across components should be based on https and each transactions should have a valid session as issued by application.
    • Database access layer should be implemented to decouple application from infrastructure
    • Application should be containerized and enabled for CI/CD in a cloud environment
    • Sufficient level of logging should be implemented to ensure proper debugging and tracking
    • Alert events should be published for defined rules and critical exceptions in application
    • Identified critical student data should be encrypted in rest (DB/log)

    For the selected programmers the following information would be shared,

    1. Functional specification document covering module wise requirement and field level details
    2. Design document covering different design principles including access management, workflows, reference data, etc.
    3. High-level domain model with table field level details which is to be considered as base
    4. UI-UX wireframes along with HTML,CSS and JS files. Expect developer team to do minor changes as may be required during development phase
    5. Sample data for the design and testing purpose
    6. Functional and design consultation
    7. Sprint demo feedbacks
    8. Code review comments

    The following would be the responsibility of the programmers,

    1. Deliver allocated job in 6 weeks time with weekly sprints and demo
    2. Following are expected deliverables along with application build:
    3. Performance assessment and demonstrate performance level required as per non functional expectations
    4. Support till go live & post that for 6 weeks.

    For the selected programmers the following information would be shared,

    1. Frontend : Angular (HTML,CSS,JS/Typescript)
    2. Application : Java (springboot framework)
    3. Database : SQL server
    4. Code repository : Azure repos Git hub or equivalent
    5. IDE : Visual studio or any other opensource IDE as per developer convenience which can be integrated with Azrure
    6. Hosting environment : Azure
    7. Pipelines : Azure devops
    8. Logging : log4j
    9. Database access layer : Hibernate ORM
    10. Session management : JWT
    11. Unit Test : Junit

    Yes you would be paid. But, remember we are non profit, we owe you the gratitude for having come forward. Our pay outs would not honorarium to appreciate your efforts & not a true reflection of what you deserve.

    We expect the first phase of project to be completed in a period of 6 weeks from date of commencement.