Success Stories

Aswani, a class topper from her 10th class, successfully completed her B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. She comes from a family of 5. Her father was a small vendor in Anantapur town and the sole wage earner. Fate took a bad turn when her youngest brother suffered a bout of Brain fever crippling him neck down. This drained major family savings & left her education in a limbo. Undeterred, Aswani continued to excel with wide-ranging assistance provided by Swadha Foundation. She is now working in Orient Ecosystems with an infectious smile on her face and abundant determination to pursue her dreams.
Khadar Basha is the 5th child and the only son of parents who have health issues restricting their physical movements. His two unmarried sisters earned Rs. 150 a day to keep the family going. Khadar is a survivor determined to reach his goal. He doubled up at nights to watch over the house of a good Samaritan for an assured dinner. While pursuing, B.Tech in Civil Engineering, he mastered several applications including CAD using publicly available resources like Youtube.
Swadha in addition to funding & supporting him through the program, encouraged his efforts by sending him courses during summer specifically related to his area of study. His hard work paid off, and today he works as Design Manager – Trainee in one of Bangalore’s leading architectural firms-Venkatraman Associates.
Naveen Kumar M G was the first student beneficiary of Swadha Foundation. His family-condition did not help him in pursuing his dream of becoming an engineer. However, he was blessed with parents who, despite their lack of education understood its value & split the duties. His mother came to stay with him during his Engineering studies and his father worked in a hotel in Kolar town. Swadha provided Naveen with full funding of education and a stipend, along with the guidance of a mentor.
He also went through several non-academic training courses such as Personality Development training, English language training & a Diploma in Computer Education from NIIT. Today, he is employed in TCS a nd has won several accolades in his 6 year long career. He is also a donor funding the education of other needy students.
Shilpa.S hails from the border town of Madakasira in Andhra Pradesh. Her father sells condiments from a road side stall to meet the needs of the family. Expenses kept climbing due to the ill health of her mother that put her education and that of her brother at risk. Post her selection in Swadha, she acquired a seat in a premier college in Bangalore & completed her B.Com in 2019.
She succeeded in overcoming her inferiority, complex, improved her self-confidence & learnt English to secure good marks. Today she works as an accounts’ assistant at one of India’s large payment companies-Financial Software & System (FSS). She is confident of adding more feathers to her cap in her professional career.
Yerriswamy is the son of a farmer Mr. Srinivasulu & his mother does tailoring jobs to make ends meet. A first time graduate, he completed B.Sc in Biology, Zoology& Chemistry. He was a merit award winner & brims with confidence and a never-say-die attitude. During his stint with Swadha, in addition to funding & various forms of support, he was sponsored for a summer training on pharmaceutical testing @ Hyderabad.
He ensured that he used the acquired knowledge to secure a job with Natco Pharma, India’s premier cancer drugs manufacturing company. He cherishes a dream to pursue post-graduation with the earnings & achieve his ultimate mission of being a professor and imparting necessary skills to rural students.